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Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, November 14, 2006 in
When I plan to update my blog from home, Blogger Uncle says "I can't" because I have eaten their cookies! :'(

Then, Genius Me decided to bring the CD here, at the university, and update my blog from here. But this same Stooopid Me forgot to bring the CD here. According to my time table, Tuesdays are busy. In the morning I decided to slide the CD in my bag, but thought I wouldn't get time today so I put it back on the desk. See, Dinky Mind's so rusted!

I need cookies at home, so I could give them to Blogger Uncle, so I would be granted access to Blogland.


Cheerio folks =)

P.S.: I need your prayers, just bohatttt saaaaariiiii



shariq says:

Get ur dinky-self a BlackBerry; A Smarter way to live life dinkaaaaaaaaaaa

Hain CD konsi CD ... u r going to KSA????? kab ???

once it told me I lost my donuts :S

~Shariq: Yup, too many things on my wish list!

~Asma: WAKE UPPPPP...Me went to KSA umm...in June-July! And this is November. ;)

~*: Oh, well, it's orkut you're talking about. I've been losing so many donuts cuz of it. I rarely visit it now ;)

tsk tsk, Blogger kee bhee cookies bhee kha gayeen , bad girl dinko :P

~Acro: *makes an innocent face* Jee nahi jee, mein ney nahi khai Uncle Bloggie kay cookies :$

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