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Its 12:09 now. I'm done with my Office Automation's exam (don't ask how it went), and now when I should be studying Statistics for tomorrow, I'm wasting time. I have brought the books and notes to study AT the university, but I am so easily delaying my work. I won't get a minute's time to study at home, but this idiot me is not in a mood of accepting this stark reality. Aaaargggghhhh. What's the problem with me??



shariq says:

Ur indeed doin the correct thing.Kissi ne pardh ke kuch nahi kiya, aur jo bhi
pardha usse goli mili; u take for instance John F Kennedy he attended schools in London ,Harvard , Princeton
blah, blah..., usse goli mili. Ghandhi he graduated from south africa usse bhi goli mili, and the list goes on
But dont get dejected, disgruntled, depressed u can still have the chance of getting rich by dropping out of the
school and i'm not kiddin whosoever dropped out of the university became a billiniore; take for instance Bill
Gates, Donald Trump, Michael Dell and the list goes on. PLz donot delay act now to get successful just drop the exam, drop out of the university i'm a true friend of urs Dinky Mind put some dinky thinkin and jus do it--the nike way :->))

Harris says:

my physics exam didn't went fine :(

ltns.... got ur feed at gmail, and kia post ki hai bhai... khair my mids are going fine, today was my last paper ... ab off till monday ....... :p...

hehe dodo, it happens :D

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