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Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, September 30, 2004 in
Assalam-o-Alaikum readers,

I was wondering why things are NOT going straight today, but soon I realised today's THURSDAY... Why do I hate Thursdays, I don't know. Now lemme tell you what happened today.

1. Fajr prayers: I didn't pray Fajr today, and that's why my day didn't go good. In the morning, on my way to college, I was just wondering how will my day go. Sadly, uptil now, nothing has gone straight. Whenever I don't pray Fajr, my whole day goes 'ajeeb sa' :o(

2. Dew is Eww: So, today, for the first time in my life, I tasted Mountain Dew (yes, I know I am a "Late Latif"). And urgh!! It is NOT good at all. First of all, just look at its colour. Eww. Then, its taste. Another eww. I am not gonna have this drink ever again in my life. Yuck!

3. Accident: Oh my God!!! Today, I witnessed the most horrible accident of my life. Allahhh. It happened near our college. There was this little uniformed girl, of grade 4th, I guess, and she was crossing the service lane, when a speedy bike knocked her, and she fell down. The bike also went over her leg...sssss... I feel so bad. She was holding a coke ka glass, which flew in the air and all the coke spilled on the road. The glimpse that I had of her was simply hair-raising. She was literally soaked in blood. Her white shalwar quickly turned into red, and her face was also covered with blood. But Alhamdo lillah, one of our college guys quickly took her to the hospital. At that moment, I thought, if she had been my little sister, I would have died at that very moment. She is my sister, and the pain I have for her cannot be described in words. It is almost 9 pm, and from the past seven hours, I have been wondering about her. May Allah help her and her parents. Aameen.

4. My Statement of Entry: Yes, finally it's here. And guess what, I've got 5 papers which clash - same day, same time. My papers will start right after 19 days - on 20th October, and will end on 17 November, means exact 4 weeks! Ya Allaaah... Now lemme tell you about my 'clash' timetable.

Date Course Time
Oct 20 Business Studies I and Business Studies III pm
Oct 27 Business Studies II and Business Studies IV pm
Nov 4 Accounting I and Accounting II pm
Nov 8 General Paper I and General Paper II am
Nov 10 Economics I and Economics II am

What I know is that both the papers of General Paper are held on the same day, same time. But these other courses....uffff!!! Rest of the papers will be held on the basis of 'one paper one day'. And yes, the best thing about this timetable is I am getting a gap of 7 days (Oct 28 - Nov 3) for my Accounting papers (I, II and III), and a gap of 6 days (Nov 11 - Nov 16) for my last paper, Economics III.

Please, please, please pray for me. I really, really, really need them.
Sayonara =)



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