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Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, September 22, 2004 in ,
Assalam o alaikum readers,Today was a very busy day. At college, I studied from 8:00 to 1:15, without any break. Ain't this just a record? When all my classes ended at 1:15, I and Xak went to the cafe, and OMG I was shocked to see that Tapal Chai clock, which was revealing an unbelievable 1:20. I was about to scream but then thankfully I realised soon that I wasn't the only one there. So, I started analysing how I spent the whole day. I think, I had Accounting from 8 to 9. It Alhamdo-lillah went well. Then I had Economics. That, too, went fine and good. And then I had G.P., in which I had a compre test. Oh my God, that was an ultra difficult comprehension - conflict between progress and environment (or something like that). Now, that didn't go good, and that's quite annoying. Urgh!
Aray, there is something strange going on with me, lol. I mean, from the past few days, when people ask me questions, I feel that they are telling me something, and then I go like, "achaa...I didn't know that", and they would then say, "No, I am asking you". =) . Like on Sunday, Xak asked me "Monday ko G.P. nahi ho gi". I became so happy when I heard that. I said, "wow...really?" After a pause, she said, "No, I am asking you. Monday ko G.P. hogi ya nahi?" Yesterday also, one of my juniors asked me, "AS Level main bohat perhna perta hay", and I thought she was informing me, so I said, "really? I never studied that much." With a totally confused face, she said, "No, I am actually asking you. You have done your AS, right?". At that, me and Xak burst out laughing. This was the sixth or seventh case of misinterpretation. After that I tried to become a bit cautious, but then things got reversed, hehe. Yesterday, me and Xak were in the resource centre, reading newspaper and magazines, when she read the title of an article and said with curiosity, "Hmm...Politicians sans humour". I looked at her and said, "Politicians 'without' humour". She said, "yes, I know". I was like, "Oops, I thought you were asking me. Sorry". And then again we laughed a lot. Today, in my G.P. class, when I asked my teacher what does 'heretical' mean, she shook her head in affirmation, as if I were telling her and confirming the meaning of the word. I then said, "No, I am asking you what does it mean". And then she told me the meaning. Lol, so it was a good day. I enjoyed it.
Sayonara =)



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