Thursdays are never good for me

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, September 17, 2004 in
Assalam o alaikum readers,Yesterday was a busy day. I really wanted to update yesterday, but due to my headache (my eternal friend), I couldn't.
I had a three-hour Business class yesterday, from 8-11, which Alhamdo-lillah, reduced to two hour. Actually, I had a test from 8 to 9:30 and the class from 9:30 to 11. The topics weren't difficult - HR and communications - but still was baffled by its content. The test, albeit tricky, was easy. I completed it in one hour, instead of one-and-a-half hour. I thought I had saved time, but as always, Dinky Mind doesn't think right! So, I had to study Business's next chapter for my next test. Till 10, I studied, then I grabbed the newspaper and started reading it, when my Accounting teacher came out of nowhere, and asked me if I were free. I was indeed free, but then I also wanted some free time - atleast 15 minutes to refresh my ever-sleepy mind. But the series of my wishful thinking came to an end when the teacher, after clearing his throat, asked me, "So, you're free. Right?" And with half-opened eyes, I replied, "Yes, Sir." Then I started doing MCQs; something which I hate doing. I made the silliest mistakes as my mind's cog-wheels refused to move when I seriously wanted them to run fast. Urgh! That happens when you've slept at 3 in the morning. Anyway, after Awful Accounting, I had my Economics class from 11:15 to 12. After studying the most boring topic, I decided to finally have a break and eat something. But I was shocked to see a ten-rupee note sitting alone in my pocket. I didn't want to spend that for refreshment purpose, because I had to use them as my bus fare. Another Urgh! Actually, on Thursdays I go home early. So, I decided to pack my stuff quickly, reach home soon, and have something to eat in the first instance. I was home by 12:20 or something,
Alhamdo-lillah. I don't remember for what reason I opened my bag, and then, to my ultimate excitement, I found a burger in it. 'Where did this come from?', I questioned myself. After thinking for some 10 minutes, I finally found out that in the morning, when I was in great hurry, my mommese just stuffed it inside the bag. "Ohhooo", I slapped my forehead and sighed. Then, I ate it quickly.
Now, I'll tell you what happened with me in the afternoon. Mommese and I went for shopping. We had to buy a lot of things, so we surveyed the market alot yesterday. All the time, my mommese was saying to me, "Walk straight... Don't bump into her... For heaven's sake, use your eyes..." At times, she would even hold my hand and then walk. Man, I seriously don't know how to walk in bazaars, probably because I am not much into this shopping business. Once, when I was walking up the stairs, I stumbled and fell badly. That reminded me of Murphy's law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong and at the worst possible time. Whenever I fall - at college or bazaar - it is bound to happen in front of the whole world, infact the number of people who witness my downfall, literally, is directly proportional to my how embarrassing my fall is. Ufff...that is damn annoying!
So, Thursdays are usually not my lucky days. This law, it seems, follows my Thursdays.



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