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A few days back I tuned in the radio for some news update. In the next 10 minutes, I heard this of Ufone's new service's ad for around 15 times from all the different radio channels combined. And every time I heard it, it made me think even more strongly as to what are trying to cram in the mind of youngsters?

Ufone is aggressively marketing these days against Zong, Warid and Mobilink. Providing a plethora of services, it is hard for a customer like me to even remember 3 of all of them. The kind of ads they make are (to some extent) witty and fun to watch, but the original concept and the details of the new services sadly are not properly conveyed. I had to watch this ad for 3-4 times to fully understand what were they trying to offer.

So, that day, I heard a different ad of the same service - Background Music. Let me give you a rough idea of it (I can't find that clip on Youtube, and I haven't seen that ad on TV). There were two guys and they went to a restaurant for lunch/dinner. One guy's dad called him up and the second one tries to joke "What are you going to tell him now?" So the first one asks him to stay quiet for a while, presses a few buttons on his phone, recieves his dad's call and starts lying, "Dad, I'm at the library, working". And the service - Ufone's Background Music saves him as he had set a keyboard-clicking background music tone before answering his dad's call.

My question is: How necessary was it to lie to your dad about being at the (so called) library and not at a dinner party? What direction is our media trying to drift us in? By airing such ads, you're actually promoting the masses to lie as much and as easily as they want. You're advocating them to become better liars. We've already become a nation full of liars. And if we do not educate our countrymen to stop lying and become better humans, I'm sure someday we're completely going to lose our identity.

"He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual."  ___ Thomas Jefferson.



Adnan Khan Afridi says:

well said... wese I think this is your only article with no jokes at all :D

we have grown to like humor and lies too much and hence the media is open to take advantage of it all the time... without really paying heed to the consequences!!

Afridi: Hahaha... Yeah, maybe. I wanted to write on this topic for like 2-3 weeks, time ab mila :/ Darn Shackleton and Fischer & Hall keep me all tied up :/

AD: Exactly! And nobody found it unethical to air such an ad :/

جس قوم کے حکمرانوں سے لے کر عوام تک سب جھوٹے ہوں اس کے ایک اشتہار بحلا ہمارا کیا بگاڑ سکتا ہے؟
بات سمجھ میں اآتی نہیں
جسٹ چل مین

Saba Syed says:

Umema, I really appreciate your concern. This really is a well written article.

raising a nation of liars maybe ... so with you !

Anonymous says:

english term is marketing.... they dont care wat and how they are marketing as long as it brings in profit thats all they r worried abt....

its not their concern how they r brain washing young adults and teens and how they r telling them that its perfectly normal and ok infact 'cool' to lie :S

Well put,

Telling the truth should be fun. It's an adventure. The guy in the ad, instead of lying, should have said, "Dad, I am at a dinner party, ker lein jo ker saktay hain!" :P

C'mon guys, be young, be brave! :P

This is nothing.

I was watching some dare show on ARY and they showed a guy cut open a chicken and drink it's blood. It's a show with Rambo and Faisal Qureshi as judges. Dunno the name.

Makes you love Musharraf more. ;)

It IS sad. I wonder what's happened to us all.

And then they wonder what the heck is wrong with the Pakistani youth.

It is little things like these that sum up and present a bigger disaster/defect or whatever.

As if kids these days don't lie enough already ;)

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