Misunderstanding Red Chillies

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I am not good at identifying red chillies at first glance. No no, I'm not color blind, it's just that I get to know that I used red chillies when I actually feel my tongue burning! At the age of 9, we went to dine out and had soup as starter. I dripped half the bottle of tomato sauce in my bowl and when I tasted, I had to drink half a gallon of water because it was not tomato sauce but chili sauce =(

Even after a decade, I'm still the same - no improvement at all! Today we went for shopping, and I was throwing tantrums to have the most unhygienically delicious chana chaat or I won't drive back home. At first I forgot where the darn stall was. And while driving back home (and after wasting half an hour in negotiations), I finally spotted the stall on the other side of the road. Parked the car, gave order, waited for chaat. And in the meantime ate Hobnob's patties; and they're so not good! :/ Anyway, the chaat came with all the lawazmaat. I poured in a good amount of all three types of chutneys, and sprinkled 2 types of chaat masalas. And when I had my first spoon, my eyes went all red and teary, ears got blood red, and nosey was going mad. Finally I realized the thing I considered as a type of chaat masala actually turned out to be red chili powder. Bahhhh!

I better test red chilies before labeling them chaat masalas and tomato sauces =(



memooo needs eye check up too :P

and un-hygienic chaats are the tastiest .. I want Bagh e Jinnah kay gol gappay :'(

hayeeee.... gol gappay!!!! I so want to have them now =( But I can have them peacefully at home only. I just can't open that much wide/big mouth =(

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