The Story Behind "Murgha Pose"

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After the movie "Taare Zameen Per", the only way we have to make Bushi get back to studies is to threaten him by saying, "Are you getting back to studies or should I get you admitted in a boarding school?" And he would whine and open up his books. That day, I was very annoyed at him and his test result, so I used the traditional boarding-school statement formula.

Me: "I'm going to call Miss XVD and she's going take you to the boarding school now. So either pack your stuff or prepare well for the next test!"
Bushi: "Nahiiiiii! I don't want to go to the boarding school. They've got zameen walay squat toilets there and you know I just can't sit in the 'murgha' pose for long! My legs hurt!!!!!" *sobs*

That statement cracked me up so bad, I literally forgot about my anger and got back to help him on his test preparation! =D

We (the kids) haven't used squat toilets and according to Bushi, even looking at those 'abnormal' toilets his legs start to hurt! Of all the four residences that we've lived in, I've never seen squat toilets (oh well, the servant bathroom doesn't count). So, since birth we kids have a habit of spending a good time on western commodes (resembling like those kiddy potties) reading comics, singing poems, and even falling asleep! They're far more comfortable that those squats where you have to maintain your balance well! I wonder how do people manage to use squats without having the fear of falling in it! *shudders*

Western toilets are what we are accustomed to. You sit down, do your business, and proceed on your day without any bathroom trauma. And this commode is one of its kind. It has got buttons! =D Cool, isn't it. And guess what the buttons are for. One of them is to warm the seat on cold wintery nights =D There's a button for music also. Press it to hear the sound of water rushing down or to hear some melodies.

Lol. So, that's the story defining different toilets. And also how its difficult to sit in the 'murgha' pose. Haha!



Oh Lord, Ema, you don't want me to tell you the story of my aunt's kid. Crap! Okay let me write it here, everyone SHOULD read this.

So, the kid was born here, in Canada. And well you don't get to see those squats toilets AT ALL, so he never knew what it was. When he went to Karachi for his phuppo's wedding, he went to use the bathroom. He was really amazed because he did NOT find the commode in there and saw that ugly square thing. The place where you put your feet, that kid, put his hands, and sat straight, streching his legs.

The other day, he needed to bath. So he went to the bathroom and saw no bathtub. Then he saw the 'baalty' thing. :P He jumped in it, sat and bathed. Thinking it was the bath tub!

He goes to his mom and says, "You know Karachi people are really funny, how do they manage to sit in that small bathtub and that funny little commode where you've to put your hands on the floor and stretch your legs out?" Everyone laughed out SO LOUD!

This story still craps me UP! This was 5 years ago, btw. Haha, we, North Americans are really spoiled. :P


Huda's comment CRACKED ME up. :D

~Huda: Hahaha... The same happened with Bushi. He just couldn't figure out how to sit/stand on that thing. He called ammi in help him out and then pledged himself never to enter such toilets! =D
Plus, I have other stories too, but I'd tell you all in person some day =P

~Qurty: I knowwww =D Poor kid!

This chick has officially lost it! :P

Anonymous says:

that was really funny :P
both you n huda

bentehaw ;)

SAWJ, that's a natural topic. Seems like you still use pampers! =D Hahaha

Thankoo Benty =D

Mera moon na khulwao betay, pachhtao gi! I'm a Ph. D on this topic... ;)

havent been here for quite some time and wrote a post on a similar topic this morning... was surprised to see you writing on the same...

~Sawj: So is everyone else! People hardly speak up on this topic. =D

~UTP: Lol. Do great minds think alike? =D

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