Atheism =D

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:/ :/ :/

Don't act like a Dinky Mind now =( *shakes her up* It was supposed to be funny :P

Samjh nahi aaya =$


Heheheheh :D That was SO cool :D..

Interesting :-)

Long time back I read a humor about JesOS, Operation SYstem for Christians only. It inspired me and I proposed AthOs, Operation System for Atheists only. :>

Adnan says:

oops. I mean Operating System!


~Huda: You're disappointing me. Har cheez samajhna zaruri nai :P

~Qurrat: ;o)

~Uni: Oh yeah :P

~Adnan: JesOS sounds a cool name :P And so does AthOS, but you're a copy cat :P

~Siras: :D

some how it isn't funny, they have their own belief and i think key mazak nahi urana chaiya!! I ain't against them....

hahaha makes perfect sense!

کیڑے کمانچ پے گئے او جی؟


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