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  • Got real busy in eid days
  • So a late Eid Mubarak to all of my readers
  • Having our place renovated, so things were (and still are) quite messed up.
  • University reopened
  • Extra workload
  • Not enjoying this semester
  • Jajo gave birth to a baby dolly - Emaan - on Oct 2nd :D
  • Sold my N70.
  • Searching for a new cell phone.
  • Bought some really cute stuff toys... cuddly cuddly :D
  • Tried making Pita Pockets and loved them.
  • Survived an accident today (else I would have been crushed beyond recognition)
  • Enjoyed my Eid a lot
  • Got loadsa Eidi (won't give it to you :P)
  • Bought loadsa sandals before eid (all almost flat, so don't worry. Won't hurt you that much) :P
  • Made loadsa brownies today - Bushi and Aashoo both have Eid parties at their schools.
  • Finished reading "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" by Jules Verne
  • Have started "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini.
  • Still looking for Mitch Albom's "Tuesdays With Morrie" :(
Here are the Pita Pockets made. There were actually six in the dish. By the time I brought the camera to take a picture of them, three were happily munched by our guests :)

That's all for today.

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

Goodness ... me wants the recipe of these pita pockets ... ya ghar hi bhijwa do :S TCS ;)

And mubrakain on the dolyy sholly ... :x

I hope dad's doing good now, Inshah Allah :) Prayers !

Lots of lovezzzzz!

*miss ye* *sniff sniff*

Well well, beat you there. Read Jules Verne back in college days. :P

And let me think, I think I can beat you for those pita-whatevers as well. :P Man, I miss cooking. :(

Anonymous says:

Survived an accident? *raises his eyebrows*

woooo welcome to LIBRA Baby gal, i also happened to celeberate by b'day on 2nd oct :)

Anonymous says:

oh I forgot to raise eyebrows on accident too :$


You look good in one piece ;-) Masha Allah~

Anonymous says:

Welcome back & belated eid mubarak to you as well: )

Anonymous says:

That looks like Roti with greens in it! is nt it?

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