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Finished reading The Kite Runner today. Aapi gifted me this book on my birthday, and now I got the time to read it. It took me two days to complete it (exclude the time when I open a novel, read a few pages, get bored and slide it back in the shelf). But seriously, I'm one of those who really drag the reading because they want to "enjoy the story for a long time" [perhaps for a few weeks]. I spent my whole Sunday in reading that book, wept couple of times. Yep, Momma says, "is ki aankhoun mein samandar bhara hua hay." :$

The whole day I did nothing but read the book with almonds on my side. I'm addicted to almonds, but still it has no effect on my poor brain. I think I'd always be the same ol' Dinky Mind :( And I forced myself to close the book around 1 am and reminded myself of the 8 straight horrible sessions at university.

Okay, okay, okay. This book is really one of the best books I've ever read. I had the same fun reading this one as I had in reading Angels & Demons. But I think The Kite Runner was better than Angels & Demons. I really became glad how Amir .... okay, I won't spoil the suspence for those who haven't read it yet :P But I seriously enjoyed reading about Amir and Hassan's childhood. They both were so innocent...awwww! Ab I want to watch the movie too :$

Now I want another book - A Thousand Splendid Suns or Tuesdays With Morrie or both :P

*waiting for me's next birthday* :(

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Luhff you Biya. You always give me good books to read. So, when am I getting a new one? :$



then u must not welcome me on ur blog as i am one of those people who hate reading books, can u summarize it in short, so we would be able to know what was the theme/lesson delivered by the writer

Anonymous says:

Seriously, Dinky sister, you need to fix -- as in FIX -- your blog's feed. I rely on it for getting updates. :/

And yep, The Kite Runner is a splendid book. I just wish Hosseini had balanced out some of his opinions in it, but a great read, nonetheless.

Anonymous says:

asslam aleikom
the kite runner is so overwhelming that one cannot finish the book without having tears in their eyes. you must watch the movie, its also very emtional. and i personally liked a thousand splendid suns better. i thought it was more poignant than the former.
iam a book worm so please suggest some good books to me as well.
if youre into urdu books do give peer-e-kamil a try.... u wont regret it!

Anonymous says:

Kite runner is an amazing mazing book :) Thousand splendid suns is amazing too actually I read them back to back but wasnt a very good experience though it got e all sad and dreaming about bobs and what not. But yea I would recommend a thousand splendid suns :)

I started Kite runner but then friend has borrowed it from me so well will read it later.

but there is another school of thought who believe in short words show off :P so well i cant judge abhee

Anonymous says:

Thanx! you finally read the book. Wait for your next birthday for that book. Keep praying for papa.
BTW what have you bought for Omer's bud-day? you are invited on saturday so rush up....

~F@dz: But you should read this book, it's really good. And sowwie, can't summarize :$

~Saadat: Haye...just dont remind me of that...I'm so busy these days :P

~The Seeker: Walaikum Assalam. Yep, have to watch the movie :( And have to buy A Thousand Splendid Suns too :(
Read Mitch Albom's "The Five People You Meet In Heaven". It's really very good :)

~Sana: Jes jes, have to read it :D

~Acro: READ the book! :p

~BiyA: Haye....can't wait till Auggie naa...
And why should I tell you what I've bought for him :P Wait for Saturday :P

Anonymous says:

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Anonymous says:

Its indeed a splendid book, one of Khalid Hosseini's best of the best.
Do check out the book called A Thousand Splendid Suns..you'd love it for sure: )

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