Really badly tensed!

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1. My Dad is suffering from Malaria (sp.?). I request you all to please pray for him. Alhamdolillah he is feeling a lot better now. But yesterday we all couldn't sleep. I think we should get rid of all those plantations right outside our main door. But that's really hard. My Momma loves her plants. And there isn't a whole tribe of mosquitoes living in our house or on the plants outside. Must be a باہر والا mosquito. But Alhamdolillah, Dad is quite better :)

2. My Nokia N70 crashed last night! This gave me triple tension! After Iftar when I picked up my phone, it was showing an abnormal screen - highly pixilated. I've never experienced such a situation in the past 2 years with this phone. So, as a matter of fact, I was highly frustrated. اسے بھی آج ھی خراب ھونا تھا؟ . But even it had happened any other day, I would have said the same. Anyways, I took everything out of it - the battery, the sim card, the MMC. Then inserted everything back, recited Ayat-al-Kursi and Bismillah, phoonkafied the phone :P, and then restarted it! Bahhhh! No change! I felt like throwing it out of the window, but then dropped the idea. After all, it was my only beloved phone. A phone I'm quite attached to. I realised this when I borrowed my bro's phone - Nokia 1200. Man, this phone has such hard keys. Probably because my bro is a بادشاہ آدمی, doesn't txt his friends, but directly calls them. And I am addicted to txting. That's why my N70's keys are berry berry soft. Plus this 1200 has such an idiotic vibration. For half an hour it keeps on vibrating like a maniac, until you press any key to stop it from acting like a lunatic!

Today my bro will hopefully take the phone for repair :( I pray it gets well soon. Or should I buy a new phone? Cuz my cousins are after me ke N70 is slow and blah blah blah, so you should sell it and get a better one, something like Ericcson (sp.?) . But right now I'm having a tough time with this 1200.

3. Yesterday I forgot to pull the USB from the office PC. I didn't even know I forgot to take it out until today when I came and found out it was still inserted there. Ahhh... Dinky Mind is becoming more and more rusted these days. *Sigh*. If God forbid yesterday was my last day over here, I would have never seen my cutie USB again. This tiny thing is of huge help to me. *pulls it out immediately and drops it in her bag*. Happy again :)

Prayers needed :(

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

ohh, I hope uncle gets all well soon, Inshah Allah. loads of prayers.

Oh and N70 gone crazy .. ooooh ... hope it gets well soon too. You've a reason to feel joyous .. its your last day on job =)


~Asma: Oh yeah, reminds me I had to post about my last day at office too as number 3. But since the post is titled Really Badly Tensed, I can't write about my relief in it :P

Anonymous says:

ooooh, you could have always come again to pick it up ... dumbo =P

~Asma: My office is on the 10th planet!! Yes, this far away! :( Haven't you heard how I cry when I have to drive every morning to the office - a place which takes my 50 precious minutes :(

Ahhh, I'm azaad now. No more o-fuss! No more long drive sessions. Ahhh...Heaven! :D

Anonymous says:

You two again. :P Anyway, my prayers are always with you.

Screw Nokia, get Motorola!

~Anonymous: Yes, we two again. We are sistas. :) And thanks for praying.

I can't. I'm brand loyal to Nokia. I'm used to throwing cell phones (not in anger, bus awaien), so Motorolla would be too fragile for me.

Anonymous says:

anonooo, show urself =P

Motorola sucks ...!

Anonymous says:

My feed reader has gone nuts. It didn't update with your new blog posts. :-/

Anyway, prayers for your dad. Curses for that باہر والا mosquito.

And I like your bro; he's just like me when it comes to texting. Except that I use an ancient Samsung.

~Asma: Samsung us se ziada! :P

~Saadat: Dandofy your feed reader :P Thanks for the prayers and curses to the mosqi. :)
Oopsie, you use Samsung? Abhi abhi mein ne us ki shayad upar kahein tareef kerdi. Yikes! :P

hehe :$

Anonymous says:

Dinky jee- Hope your dad feels better soon. And your mobile too. Get another Nokia. They're always the best.

Hmm, actually, your RSS feed is not working.. at all. I did dandofy it but all it did was sit down and cry. What could be wrong?

Anonymous says:

Look what you have done now. You have spread dandofication as a disease. :P

But really, fix your blog's feed (don't dandofy it). Try refreshing it or something.

And about Samsung: well, a Punjabi verse comes into mind, but I'll keep my mouth shut. :P

Anonymous says:

Oh, I hope your father feels better now :)

And OF COURSE, Sony Ericsson would be better than Nokia. Sony Ericsson has the best mobiles! :D

Anonymous says:

Your first made me all concerned over your father's health...koe ik bhi parent bemaar ho jai to itnitension hoti hai...Am glad to know he is feeling better :)

Your second point made me go 'aww she's so cute :)' again..hopefully your phone will get better...

Your third point makes me think that you are one lucky kid! it's not a tension, it's known as 'bachat' in urf-e-aam :)

Anonymous says:

I hope your father's feeling much better now..take good care of him dinky!
Talking about your N70 well i think it has something to with its software..lets hope its the software issue.

Anonymous says:

Sympathies and prayers for you in all the mentioned cases, except that of the mobile... I mean, change it! Not a big issues. C'mon!

loads of prays for ur dad, secondly dun act like paki president i mean how u can put it behind by only admitting k koi bahar wala aya or bambari kr k chala gya? u must light "patriotic coil" for these bahar walas. and lady gadget please show some respect for nokia 1200 because atleast it is being handy.

Anonymous says:

loads n loads of prayers for ur dad....dont worry insallah he'll b fine :D

Anonymous says:

No updates, Dinky Sister? Or are you trying to mimic the Ulta Seedha process of updating?

Anonymous says:

missing u ... rauza bhi lag raha hay and missing ye =(


Buy DSL ~ relive me of this pain =P

Anonymous says:

May Allah(STW) bless ur baba with good health.

Howz he feeling now?

~Tauqeer: :)

~Misspecs: Me bechofying my cell.ph. :) Still using (rather, sharing) that Nokia 1200, but planning to get a better one. :)

~Saadat: Na na, keh dein. Mujhey to shayad he samajh ai but I have an interpreter :P

~Shy Soul: Alhamdolliah he's better :) Which model of Sony Ericsson, pwease suggest.

~Lubz: Yep, Alhamdolillah, he's quite better now.
Lol...My phone didn't get better...so bechofying it with a heavy heart :(
Oh yeah, waqai bachat ho gai :P

~An Illusion: Software prob he to nae na :( The LCD went all nuts :/

~Mespeaks: Ab to kerna he hay...no other choice :) *fake smile* :P

~ F@dz: Aray coils smell so awful :/ Lol, yeah, abhi to 1200 is of so much help :)

~Khawab: Thanks for praying :)

~Saadat: You have improved. I see 3 new posts on Ulta Seedha :P

~Asma: Mish you too :( *hugs* abhi itna roza nahi lag raha jitna kal lag raha tha :$ :P
Jee, aap dua karein, mein DSL ki kuch dawa kerti houn :P

~Fariha: Thankyou so much for praying :) He's Alhamdolillah so much better :)

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