Amla, Reetha, Sikakai

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So the title does give you a hint that I've carried out a new experiment on my hair, doesn't it? :P
Okay, coming back to the topic, I made a mixture of ground Aamla, Reetha and Sikakai and asked Momma to apply it on my jharoo hair. Long time ago, Dad brought this thing, but not in powdered form. And man it was so hard to kootafy all this stuff, especially the Aamla (or was it Reetha? Whatever), because it is sticky and hence quite hard to crush. Anyways, later one day, Dad brought the powdered one and today I got time to apply the paste on my head.

Now read the dreadful part. When the time came to wash my hair, and when I untied them, they were really giving the picture of a jharoo with loadsa mitti in it. Seriously. My hair had gone dry like anything and because those three things were not finely ground, they were making my hair look gravel-studded :/ [Yea I won't mind if you say Eww for the next 20 mintues. I felt the same :/]. And when I washed them, some Coke type black water started flowing down my hair. [I give you another 10 mintues to Eww]. And I literally had to pull those tiny lumps from each of my (now really long) hair. This experiment really tested my patience today. Huff! But the results were amazing! Seriously! I mean this is the first time I used this stuff and, as our grannies say, it really conditioned my hair.

Those who want to Eww a lil more, let me tell them my Momma has applied henna, egg yolks, yogurt, honey, butter and all the ala-bala things on my hair. I once used hair color too, but it was of no use since I've got triple-dyed hair already. Is this is a blessing? :$

Those who really are nuts like me, and who want to try this thing out, let me tell you, later you will start scratching your head quite frequently. The remaining tiny lumps make you scratch. :/

If I had told this thing to Aashoo, she would've said:
یایا ۔۔۔ سر۔۔۔ بو واوا
Translation: لالا کے سر میں ُہو بابا ھے
[Lala is me] :)

Whoever scratches his head, she quickly says, "in ke sir mein hoo baba hay" :D

So please always keep your heads clean :D

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

heheh, there used to be a cozin of mine. Uff bhai used to make aamla and rethay's paste every friday (then's chutti) and would apply on his head. Result: he's got hair now (apres transplant ;))

So rock on lala =P

Lol...Thanks for mentioning apres transplant, werna mein bekaar mein khush hoti rehti :P

What the... I want to comment but this post is so girly that nothing is coming to my mind. :/

Anonymous says:

at your age this happens ... baita ;P

Anonymous says:

someone's missing you ;)

Anonymous says:

Eid Mubarak, Dinky sister! :)

Anonymous says:

been there done that.... yeh even though its hard to get rid of da small pieces even after 5 wash but hair does luk nice....ma mom use to apply these stuff on ma hair.....

u can see da results...i got really healthy hair n due to dis ma hairstylist refuzed to cut ma hair :S

i can close my eyes to stop watching it, but no one in the world can close the doors of imagination, jo uchal uchal k dimagh mai aa rhi hai, i am imagining it k kia kachra phelaya hai :( ab to mujhey anday n heena ki smell bhi anay lagi hai :((((

~Shuaib: Lol...You don't have to comment. I can see in your pic you've got plenty of hair MashAllah :)

~Asma: and how old do you think I am? :P
I miss you too *hugs* :)

~Saadat: Happy Eid to you too, Saadat bhai :)

~Khwab: Lol..But seriously my hair have become healthy and my hair stylist had no issue with them either :D

~F@dz: Lol...Dahi ki (ka?) smell nahi aa rahi? :P I seriously dont like yogurt in my head :/ and not even melted butter :/

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