My math stinks!!!

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Today in API's class (Analysis of Pakistani Industry), our Sir said that there is a decline of 2.6% from 8.10 to 5.5, and for two minutes I kept thinking how can he make such a mistake. Because in my view 8.10 minus 5.5 is equal to 3.5 and not 2.6!!!

I totally forgot that a zero after decimal has no value (or is of no value or... comprehend it yourself. hehe). That reminds me of my post 5+5=25. Now I should practise writing
8.10 - 5.5 = 2.6 and even 8.1000 - 5.50 = 2.6

Keeep praying :(



Anonymous says:

ROFL ... you mean Eight [point] ten minus five [point] five ;-)

Happens at time :)

What's 1 + 1 ;-)

Prayers prayers !!

Everyone trips up now and then. I hope you're Ramadan is going well.

~Asma: 1+1=2x1+3-1 divided by 2 :)
i'm not that bad at math

~Abdur-Raheem: Oh, it's goign amazing Alhamdolillah...Last roza here. And happy Eid to you :)

Anonymous says:

Um, actually, 2.6 is the simple decline from 8.10 to 5.5. Percent decline is 32.1 (ref.). :P

Eid Mubarak! :)

2.6 is just the difference of 8.10 and 5.5 and it NOT a decline by 2.6%. Because a decline by 2.6% of 8.10 will be 7.8894! =)

uff u r an ultimate dodo, infact dodo ka nodel prize apka howa :P

~Saadat: I was actually thinking its 8.10 minus 5.05. That makes 2.6 :) And Eid Mubarak to you too (I know I'm quite late) :(

~Some Desi: What's the story behind this "decline thing"? :P

~Acro: Thanks for the Nodel prize. I always wanted to have one :)

Oh, I just realized that 8.10 and 5.5 are percentages!!!
see, me is sho stooopid

wa0w you're dumb :D :D :D

Thanks for the compliment, Adnan :)

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