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Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, June 24, 2004 in
Assalam o alaikum readers,
Yesterday was a very good day, Alhamdolillah. Actually, last night I chatted with my 2 classmates...We had great fun. We talked about all good things and all dumb things and laughed a lot...I still miss college...When will my idiotic vacations end??? I'm tired of being bored now!!!uhhh....I miss all the things about college...all those friendly rivalries, that table-tennis area, our common room *smiles*, our basketball court, those benches, those trees laden with white flowers, our (baychaaray) teachers, our juniors (radars, actually), our aquarium-type class room (it has half-dozen windows). Oh, how can I forget that cafe, where we'd sit for hours and hours and talk about everything, and the library(the best place for a nice nap =), and that ever-screaming librarian, and then there's this vast ground, wherewe'd play base ball, and some stupid games (pithu garam, kho-kho; to name a few). Oh, I miss everything.
Today was also a very good day. I chatted again with those two dumb and dumber, and talked to Barry too...wow...The good thing about today is I did NOT study a word...OMG, now I dont think its a 'good' thing, cuz I have to revise my Econ. by the end of this month...I'm completely dead. *slaps her forehead*.
At night, I went out in my porch for some walk, but then I found my lil bro's scooty there, so I started having fun with it. Although, I crashed into the wall thrice and fell in the lawn four times, but still I didn't stop.*now my legs hurt..oooh* I drove it for some half an hour or so. And once it started drizzling too...Ooo, it was just wonderful! And you know what, when I was enjoying that time, my neighbour's girl stepped out in her terrace and started staring at me. She was amazed to see a 17 year old girl driving a lil scooty at 11 in the night. I really felt like saying,"Madame, what is your problem? Just do your own work and let me do mine...and also stop staring at me". Heaven's goodness, she went in after a few minutes. But I enjoyed very much
Oh, I guess I am missing something...YES, my drugs, the drug that keeps me alive... You're right, those are my yummy FRENCH FRIES!!!! Needa go now.
Keep praying for me...



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