My mind's too blocked today!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, June 30, 2004 in
Oh, why am I soooo very sleepy today? I think, I slept in the morning and then in the evening, too. Let me count my sleeping hours...1...2...3...in the morning and 1...2...3...in the evening...that makes 6 hours...
*with eyes gaped in amazement* Did I say 6 hours? They are lessssss...what about the other 2 hours? Where are they? I'm going to sleep right away. Furthermore, there seems to be a serious kind of problem with my head. I don't know why it loves to ache so much. *frowns*. Anyway, I must tell you how I spent (better say spoilt) my day. Last night, I searched a lot, almost about everything (I know I'm exaggerating, but I did search a lot). Then I made changes to my new site (which I do almost everyday). Then studied few words of Econ. (when I say few, I mean it!!!). Then, I felt hungry, so I went downstairs to get myself something good. And I found an Ice-cream...yummm...(mouth watering, isn't it)? When I came back to my study room, I kept it on the table and got busy in search work. After 5 minutes, I saw something on the table. Without giving much importance, I turned my eyes back to computer screen. And as it happens in the cartoons, something clicked my mind and at once I turned my head to 90 degrees left, in the direction of the table. There I saw that that something wasn't anything else but my Ice-cream, which I forgot to un-wrap and eat!!! Yeh to mera haal hay...tch tch tch. Rusted Dinky Mind. I almost screamed, and started to un-wrap it (it was ice-cream stick). It started melting. It had to melt. So, I started licking it (ewww) without wasting a second. When I went to wash my hands, I found my face streaked with that melted ice-cream....sssss....urgh! Even my little brother, 7, eats with some manner...I mean, he doesn't smudges the way I did. Although, I didn't do it intentionally, still, I looked horrible! Don't wanna discuss it anymore.
Then, I went for my usual morning walk, and noticed nothing new. Came back home, refreshed myself and recharged myself with frrrrrench frrrrries...and Hershey's miniature chocs...just yummy! Then, I started reading a book. And at almost 8 I went to sleep (yeah, you must be thinking I'm not human). Then woke up in the morning (now that's the strangest thing). I mean I slept at 8 and woke up at 11. Miracle! Then wasted my time in the best possible way. And when in the evening I felt sleepy, I again went to sleep (I had to). Then woke up again, studied, wasted time, didn't watch TV, jumped and hopped, screamed, and now I'm here, holding my head as this severe head-ache is killing me. Urgh!
Now, I'm feeling sleepy, hungry, thirsty and exhausted at the same time. My mind is completely blocked now, and I don't know what to do and what not to do.
Readers, don't forget to note the time at which I am posting...I am like that *sighs and walks away*



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