Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, November 30, 2003 in
hey all.
so today I'm here...haha...well, today, again, was a very tiring day...'cuz you know it's still eid (although 4th day... still loads of people to meet..whoosh!). Many people came to our house and we also went to meet a couple of people... It was kind of nice, I enjoyed.
well, now let me think of something news today, i guess. O yeah, tomorrow is Sunday, and then Monday, and I'll meet my mates on Monday..yahoooooo!!!! there'll be fun! But right now I'm missing my greatest friend-Barry (Faryal/Amal...loads of other names)....yaar, I'm simply dying to meet her.
Yesterday, I completed my Accounts chapter of Manufacturing Accounting. 7 questions_ a big deal. But it was very interesting. And guess what, I did it without a calculator..hahaha..Accounts without a calculator. Actually, I've lost it at college some weeks ago, and I haven't bought a new one. So, sometimes, when I am really really frustrated after using the calc. of my mobile, I start using my brain (Dinky Mind). So, you can say, I've done all my assignment without a calculator. You can well imagine the headache caused when you use mobile's calculator... all that tick-tick-tick sound is annoying.
I guess this is for today.


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