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There's some massive construction work going on in the Academic Block of our university. So, on the right side of the corridor (that leads to restrooms) is our class and on the left is the construction-in-progress work. During the Marketing class, half of the students (including me) had their eyes fixed on the workers outside, who were throwing trowel-full of mortar on the ceiling - quarter of which would fall down as a shower! =D It was really very fascinating.

After the class, I went to the washroom to fix my ever-annoying scarf. The moment I stepped out, one of the three workers started singing some cheapo song. And when I got near the class, I heard him sing the whole line of the song, "Akhioun se goli maaray..." =D Man, that cracked me up so bad, I sped into the class, and with another crazy laughing fit told the story to Rabia =D

That actually kept me smiling for the rest of the day =D Hey, no, it doesn't mean I have a crush on him =D The way he sung that cheapo song was dead funny! =D



hahaha... cheapo's :p

Aww! A crush :D

Good you didn't laugh in front of them :D

Tch tch tch! Dinkz disappoint me. :P :P

It would've been funnier if the dude went like .. "in ankhoon ki masti kayyyy, mastaanay hazaroon hain"


~Ubaid: =P

~Uglyduckling: Oh yeah. *flutters lashes* =P

~Uni: Oh yeah =D

~Shuaib: Hahah. I'm still waiting for <3 Him <3 now =D

~Huda: This song is pretty slow. And guess what, he had to say it ALL in just 2 seconds! =D Bwahahaha =D

Mazdooron ko to bakhsdo Dinky!

Abhi to sirf tareef he ki hay mein ne =$

hahaha so they dont spare eyes showing even though there is a scarf!

Is your university in Africa? Or did they import laborers? :P

~AD: I just cover my head =)

~Sawj: This picture is taken from google images. And the laborers in our university were local pathans! =D

i had da same question in my mind ..... i was like these ppl luk african ... and all this time i thought she is in karachi :P

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