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My friends got sick of me always whining about my motu tummy. So they gave me the idea of drinking Green Tea. Uptil now I haven't drunk any type of tea - green, brown, black, pink, magenta, orange, etc. So that day, when Momma asked me to make Green Tea for her, I asked her if I should try it too. She had no problem with that, but was thinking if I'd shrink and disappear one day :D Anyways, I made 2 cups, and squeezed 1/4 of a good lemon in my cup. Momma doesn't take sugar, so I followed her. Remember, I drink sugar-free milk too? So, I took the first sip, and it was so ewwwwww! Seriously!! Probably I needed to add sugar to it, or I shouldn't have squeezed too much of that lemon in it. Whatever the case, I didn't finish my tea. I just couldn't. It didn't taste good.

After 2 days, I was again forced by my freind (who gave me the idea of drinking green tea) to try another cup. This time, I made myself half a cup :P and added 1/2 tsp of sugar and 2 drops of lemon juice. I gulped 2-3 tiny sips. It was then when I saw my Momma take the last sip that I decided not to drink green tea ever again. She made such a bitter face, and said that last sips are always that bitter. No doubt it was quite evident :)

I'm happy with my fatty tummy. I just can't drink Green Tea. I'd rather excercise or walk. :D

Oh, and it's so much fun to attend shaadian and all :D Wearing all those chamkeelay (not paindoo, but decent) dresses and being photogrphed :D And oh, how can I forget taking photos of those pastries wrapped in red ghararas :D

Cheerio folks =)

P.S.: I needa shleep. Daily we come home around 3 am from mehndis, mayoun, and shaadis :(



Anonymous says:

shadi season...aah...HATE IT...yet somehow i plan to attend 3 in 2 days...starting tomorrow...

Anonymous says:

kis kisam ki khatoon ho tum :P

~UTP: Awww...Abhi aik valima is still left :(

~Asma: Lol. Khatoon houngi aap khud :P

hawwwwwwww its a major sin to bad mouth about green tea :@, dont u know the 15th commandment???

Thou shalt not "dislike" Green tea

so here ab maafi mango us green tea kay cup say, btw nice pic :D, u captured??

"Oh, and it's so much fun to attend shaadian" and I have contradictory statement by your highness about shaadis and birthdays , want me to paste it here :P?

~Acro: Maafi nishta.

And me didn't take this picture. Thanks to Goooogle :)

Oops! Nae, don't paste. You know me and my mood swings :P so, shhh...

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Apparently, they say warm water helps burn the fat around your waist*.

I only drink warm water, even when I'm not going to gym daily I don't tend to gain fat.

I think over the years, I've noticed that water is probably the best source, if you want to stay in shape.

So maybe try drinking lots of 'water'. But I'm sure you already know that :)

~Vicks: I know. My Momma always asks me to drink water. And I always forget :( She says water is good for the skin, hair, health, etc etc. And seriously, if I drink warm water, I tend to drink more than half a glass at a time :$

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