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In those days we were having our mid-term exams [ummm...must be a month ago]. The exam was about to start. Ritz offered me a chewing gum. I took it with a smile. I popped it into my mouth. Exam started. I was calmly reading the paper when this idiotic chewing gum got stuck in my braces!!!! Yikes!!! I tried hard to get that thing off my braces (with the help of my tongue) but it was all useless. I kept the paper aside and with full concentration on the chewing gum, i tried again. Another futile attempt! Enraged, I looked at my apparently clean fingers and finally pulled the menacing gum out and threw it under the chair. Freed!!! Then I wiped my hands on dupatta and started solving the paper. [Ema isn't well-mannered] :(

When I returned home, I checked my teeth and some of the gum was still glued to my braces. Ewww....Had to brush really well that day.

Moral: Never eat chewing gums during exams. It's fun pulling it away from braces but not in exams when you're already short of time ;)

Cheerio folks =)

P.S.: Mum and Dad are back from Hajj. Me sho glad (and relieved) :P



Anonymous says:

howdy?? alive-de??

Ohh congratos on hajj and eww manner-less lady :P

Best wishes for papers.. do good ... par abb tu they must be delayed?? Hows karachi?? U ppl did good?

plz msg me ur moby numb - I lost it patta nahi kaisayy :(

btw chewing gum konsi thi 8-)

Anonymous says:

Moral of the story should be: never share such a story on your blog :P

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