Shaikh Sudais Visits Pakistan

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M 18I wish I was in Islamabad today. I wish I could pray my Jummah prayers by listening to Shaikh Abdur-Rehman As-Sudais. How lucky all those people are who prayed behind him in the mosques of Lahore and Islamabad. I was lucky last year, when spent my most memorable week in Mekkah, from July 3rd to July 10th. And so fortunate was I that whenever I would go to Al-Haram, Shaikh Sudais would be there for the Imamat. Mommese, Lala and I would die to catch a glimpse of Shaikh Sudais. I wish I could meet him.

I can never forget the night before we left for Jeddah. That night we planned to stay at Haram, pray a lot, and do Tawaf-e-Wida. When I was in the 5th round of Tawaf, we heard Azan of Tahajjud. Completed the Tawaf and prayed Nawafil in Hateem, I lost track of Mom. I looked for her for five minutes and then went to kiss Hajar-e-Aswad (The Black Stone). It was around 3 am, and there was a big crowd of people struggling to get near the Black Stone. With great difficulty I managed to kiss the Stone, and was tossed out of the crowd. Prayed Tahajjud’s and Fajr prayer under the Imamat of Shaikh Sudais. Can never forget those moments when I looked at the Kaaba for the last time, and cried badly.

I pray I get the chance to go to Saudia again. The Haram of Medina and Makkah felt like home, where there was no fear of getting lost, especially getting lost from the teachings of Islam. The voice of Shaikh Abdur-Rehman Sudais rejuvenates a person’s mind and soul and brings him more closer to the true meaning of Islam.

I pray for all my Muslim brothers and sisters to follow the religion in its true manner, and strive to fight against Satan, terrorists and evil-doers. Amen.



Eating time by going through blogs is my favorite pass-time during exams..anyways, seeing your love and wish to be there; i thought i'd share a few moments of a great experience i had..i went to Badshahi Mosque for Maghrib prayers and it was "AWESOME"!!!

I mean the feeling you get sitting there knowing that the person leading the Muslim Ummah is just 50 steps away was great. Everyone so excited to catch a glimpse of him, feeling sooo happy on getting in the mosque(It wasn't an easy job). I've got a picture or two, a nice one just as i came out of the mosque seeing all those people sitting and saying 'dua' with Sheikh Sudais.

I assume it would make this post look better, taken with my cell, havent transferred it yet so dont know how it would look once it is up!

I guess u'll get my email automatically after this post,feel free to contact!!
P.S. Sorry for such a long comment, i just cldnt stand it after reading this post!

:) I want to goto :(

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