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Every time I want to post soemthing, something or the other goes wrong. First time, I was typing the post and we had a real cool (real long) power failure!!! Bahhhhh. And then the next time, I realized I had my class. And then another time, my mind went blank!!!

Heck, and now here you go. Read this dull, boring post!!!

I'll update soon.



happens to pea brains (in ur case Dinky Minds)....j/k

write about some of ur school work then!!!
now therez a worthy advice, eh!!

Hey, don't make fun of my Dinky Mind, please! :P

I don't prefer writing about school stuff, although I do write sometimes, because I feel my readers get BOREDDDDDDDDDD, and I don't want that =)

hey, thats quite alrite...
i get bored ov all ur blogs, :P j/k

on a more serious note...u shud write just the way ur doing it already...
uve got a brilliant blog...

plz, no more, dun torture me n make me lie anymore!!

Oh, gimme a break. DO you really get bored??? And even if you do, Im so glad to know that :P

yes, i do!!!
the only reason i post comments here is cuz i wanna steal some ur contacts n get acquainted with them!!!
i do like ur posts!!!

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