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Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, June 27, 2006 in
'Ello everybuddy,

Me is back. Exams are over. Me is free. But me is not free. Cuz I have to do the packing. Jes jes, me is going for Umra on Thursday (day after tmrw) InshAllah. And hey, SD is getting marrrrrrrrrrriiiiiieeeeeeeeeedddddddddd!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy....

So, today, I washed like a million clothes. At one moment I became so tired and dirty of washing clothes that I decided to spin myself in the machine.

Cleaned my ever-messy room after washing clothes. Hufff....there were like 5 tons of dirt that I wiped off my tables and shelves today. Heavens, I wore that surgical mask or I would have died of dirt allergy!

Cleaned my cupboard...Now I need a real big reward for that, cuz everbody knows cleaning my cupboard is no easy job! I've got this thin (hardly 2 feet wide) cupboard, but it's really high! And it has got a cabinet on top of it. In this cupboard, i carelessly stuff everything that i see lying uselessly in my room. So, during my exams, I had to search my cubby for books, clothes, stationery, shoes, socks, jewelery, perfumes, CDs, and God knows what else. Today, I organized my things and threw them at their respective place; the store room. Well, that's the pnly way I can clean my cubby na!!! ;)

More than half of the stuff of my room is now comfortable lying in the bin, and my bin is now overflowing and is begging me to take off some load!

This clean-up-your-room campaign has really given me a hard time. This is the last time I have cleaned my room, with the hope of not messing it up again...but let's see what happens, cuz my second name is not Organised!

Cheerio folks!!!

p.s.: send me your wishlists!!! I might become wealthy and excited and get you your most desired gifts!! ;P



hmmm...so ur leaving..well, gud luck wid ur result, n May u have a safe journey, Amen...
oh, n hey, nice blogs..
keep 'em rolling..

oh, n one more thing...
can u guess who this iz?
i'l give u some hints....
1) Bahrian
2) Graduating
well, i'm sure that these 2 hints r enuff....take laodsa care!!

oooo oooooo, so someone has joined blogsphere!!! I see....And what do ya think, I don't know you?!?!?!?


Me is a Dinky Mind, but some times the cogwheels of this Dinkum work!!!!


I just want one thing, prayerssssssss!! do as much as you can for me, for my family for whole muslim ummah, and yes do ibadat as much as you can, you never know when he invites ya again :)

wow u going for umraa...
awsome.... gud luck n have a safe travelin...

I need a smart car. :-D A car that's a perfect match to my smartness ;-)
Heard your going for Umrah so dropped by to drop my smart little wish, haha!

MashAllah, girl. May this blessed journey be good in all ways. Many prayers your pay.

Hina (no longer the VL)

may prayers your way*

Mashallah, ummmmmmmm ma wishlist,

prayers for me n specially for my mum.
n a BMW 740D for me :). that wud suffice

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Oh great!

you aregoingto umrah .. lots of congrats for that en avance ... this mean youve left for umrah!

Best wishes!!!



ally u going to Umrah! go n get urself forgiven ;), hehheheh.... Have a Happy n Safe Umra Journey. Do remember me in ur prayers.

Happy Wedding Wishes to Some Desi [in advance if m not late].

Shuaib says:

Bring me a toy gun. Thanks!

Dinkooooooooooooooo come back....

Salaam Aleikum wr wb Bihn,
Congradulations! My only wish is a plane ticket to Angrez. ;-)

great and enjoy the experience :)

aaayeeen nahi wapis aap ??? where are u????

Hope you're well.
Just dropped by to ask you and your readers to please link up this new islamic site http://www.haqislam.org setup by myself and another Muslim blogger.

oye jaldi se posto kia kia kia!!!

Oh congratulations!
If it's not too much to ask, please say my Salam at Roza-e-Mubarak - if memory does not fail you. :)

Have a safe journey!

Anonymous says:

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