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A Snail can sleep for 3 years.

*wishes to become a snail*

I seriously wait for weekends to sleep for a few hours. I hate university life. Leaving home at 7:15 am and returning at 7:15 pm is no justice with me!!! Hate French classes too! And now these evil mid-term exams are near. So I'd be sleep-deprived for another 2 good weeks (or even more).

But after that, I promise, I will become a snail!



lol dodo u r :D, oh well good luck with exams and dont be snail hokay :P?

Anonymous says:

Bonjour mademoiselle. Comment allez vous?

Je sais qu'il est difficile d'apprendre le français.

ainsi, permettez moi de le rendre plus difficile pour vous. :oppp

arey yeh bhi koi zindagi hai dinky... :p

oh ... u re still taking francaise classes .. nera tu 2 - 3 level kaz baad dhamagh ghoom jaata hay then i giv it some break :)

waqayi yah bhi koi zindagi hay ;p

best of luck snail to be :P

I find sleeping as waste of time sach main. Uper se I also hate my uni and so less but odd uni timings

Anonymous says:

well chhotu (motu) ur bit grown up now so as ur resposibilities. and this is what the life is all abt Routine, Routine, and Routine.

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