Don't Mess With Me!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, April 11, 2004 in
The thirst for her blood drove me near her house. The clock ticked eleven loudly behind me, informing me that she was about to leave her house for a party. I had made a perfect plan to murder the person who had devastated my hopes; my dreams. Memories of what she had done swept me over like a strong ocean wave. With clenched teeth, I paced back and forth, desperately waiting for her. A quarter moon hung lazily on the swaying treetops. A single street light casted a harsh yellow glow between the black shadows. I glanced at the clock tower behind me and realized that ten minutes had already been passed. I looked at the shining blade of my dagger, which I hoped to be smeared in red, gleaming blood after some time. An evil grin spread over my face. I scanned the place closely to spot her, and finally I did. There she came walking slowly towards the thick, old tree, behind which, I was hiding. Strands of shimmering dark hair covered one side of her face. As she moved past the tree, I leapt out and held her tightly with a rope. I stared in her frightening eyes, took the sharpened knife, and with a feeling of immence hatred, I stabbed her with my full strength. She tried to yell, but I had covered her face. She let a groan from deep within her soul. She gritted her teeth against the pain. I stabbed her again with more ferocity, as her face reminded me of of my bitter, unforgettable past. I saw the colour drain from her cheeks. She closed her eyes and squeezed back the tears that threatened to fall. The blood streamed down her body onto the newly-painted pavement. Her breaths came in convulsive gasps. A gust of wind made the trees whisper the story of my success. The last silver streak of the moon disappeared behind the black cloud. The fog blanketed the town, turning the streets lamp into misty blurs of yellow light. It was all over. Happiness spread into my being as a smile came across my face. A deadly silence spread its cloak over the darkened night.


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